Potter What?

I guess it’s symbolic of my complete disconnect from the Potterverse that I can’t understand why the revelation of the sexual orientation of a fictional character should rate (at last count) 486 articles in my Google News Reader.

Magical Day for Gays as Dumbledore is Outed

I guess I’m wondering why Rowling didn’t just write him as gay to begin with, if that was her intention, but maybe she was (rightfully so) wary of attacks from pseudo-Christians.

For the record: I think it’s a waste of time to go after Harry Potter and the people who read him. It’s FANTASY, folks. This means that Harry, Hermione, Snape and the rest of Hogwarts DON’T EXIST. All your bitching about the dangers of sorcery and magic isn’t going to change that.

Yes, I read a lot of fantasy and variations thereof–high, low, urban, paranormal, or whatever artificial dividers are being used nowadays–(although not Potter) and I don’t think it’s compromised my Christianity one bit.


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