Talk To the Hand

I’d never heard of this hand gesture before–it comes from an advertising campaign in New South Wales–but given some of the stupid drivers around here, maybe I should adopt it.

Woman’s ‘small penis’ slur from ad leads to road rage

(Not only is it ‘small,’ it could qualify as twisted, a la Peyronie’s disease. Warning: Graphic, NSFW photos, one of which–the fifth one down–I’d almost think was Photoshopped; it would put a bull elephant to shame, even in its distorted state.)

Of course, since I live in redneck, Wild West territory, I would more likely have a shotgun emptied in my direction than a bottle. But gee whiz, if y’all feel ee-mas-cu-lated just because a woman curls her little finger at you, you have a helluva lot more problems than your masculinity.

Provoked, my little chiny aster. I guess this idiot never heard of a concept known as ‘self-control.’


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