Absolutely the Last Word on Tiger

I tried to comment on this, but TypePad seems to be wonky at the moment, so I’ll post my comment here. I’ve never read any of Lee Goldberg’s books, so I don’t know how he normally expresses himself, but this particular post strikes me as typical Hollywood woman-blaming.

Some excerpts:

I can’t believe that Tiger Woods’ many mistresses, most of them “hostesses” and porn stars, actally think they deserve sympathy from the public or an apology for him. I choked with laughter watching one of them on TV a few weeks back tearfully saying that she felt “betrayed” by Woods. C’mon, they are all dumb, predatory bimbos who measure their intellect with their bra cup sizes and hang out in clubs hoping to score some sack-time with a celeb.

Wow, that’s kind of nasty, isn’t it? And a wee bit sexist? Does he personally know any of these people? Was he privy to the conversations between the two principals? Does he have any idea what artful stories Tiger might’ve spun to get what he wanted, such as “Elin doesn’t understand me,” or “I get so lonely on tour?” Not that I know what was said either, but aren’t these two statements typical of cheating husbands?

Media whore Allred should be ashamed of herself for leaping in front of the cameras for this non-cause. Allred loves to portray herself as a champion of women, so how could she, with a straight face, compare these bimbos to Woods’ wife? Every single one of these women knew he was married, but they didn’t give a damn. They just wanted to jump in the sack with a celebrity so they could have bragging rights…or, best of all, some TV exposure…later on. They should be ap0logizing to Tiger Woods’ wife for throwing themselves at her husband.

There is so much fail in that, I don’t know where to start. I guess to begin with (not that I should even have to say this–it should be obvious to any thinking person),  Gloria Allred is not a whore–media or any other kind. She’s a lawyer. That is downright insulting.

Secondly, I think Goldberg just proved Allred’s point. By his jumping on the blame-Tiger’s-mistresses bandwagon, he’s deflecting attention away from the real villain in this mess–Woods himself. Tiger didn’t have to screw any of these women, now did he? In fact, I would venture to say if he hadn’t stepped out on Elin in the first place, none of this ridiculous brouhaha would have happened, including Allred’s news conference.

But it’s so easy to shift blame to the females involved, and forget about the one who started the whole thing.

We don’t know the details of how these relationships started. Even if the women made the first move, all Tiger had to say was one simple word–“No.”  He has such a reputation for self-control and iron discipline on the golf course–are we now to believe he couldn’t have applied that same self-control in his personal relationships, had he wanted to?

If you think that, I have some prime ocean-front property in Arizona just for you.

Sorry, Lee. You’re just plain wrong on this one.  You’re also perpetuating sexist stereotypes. You might want to rethink what you’re saying.


10 thoughts on “Absolutely the Last Word on Tiger

  1. These same “hostesses” and porn stars would have thrown themselves at the next married celebrity who walked into the bar. These bimbos are not victims by any stretch. They are predators. If they didn’t want to be “victimized” by an affair with Tiger Woods, they could have said “no, I don’t go to bed with married men.” But they didn’t. Instead, they willingly and gleefully engaged in the affairs, saving emails and text messages, waiting for the day when they could face TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, and anybody with a camera and say “Hey, I bedded Tiger Woods!” The ONLY victims here are Elin Woods and her children.


    • Sorry, you’re still missing the point.

      We’re talking about Tiger here, not his “bimbos.”

      I’d still like to know how you can say that–as I asked, do you know any of them personally? Do you have proof that they “willfully and gleefully” engaged in the affairs? Or are you just going by what you see on the supposedly unbiased TMZ and Entertainment Tonight?

      It’s very interesting to me why you consistently NEVER mention Tiger as having caused any of thesed problems.

      Why are you leaving him out?

      • No, I was talking about the Bimbos. Tiger was wrong, a terrible husband and father. I was commenting on this these “hostesses” and porn stars who went to bed with him and have the audacity to cast themselves as victims. Do you think they didn’t know that he was a married man? That he was a father? Why didn’t they say “sorry, I don’t go to bed with married men.” I’ll tell you why: because they wanted to be with a celebrity…they wanted to have sex with Tiger Woods, his wife and kids be damned. They were attention hungry bimbos. They are not, by any stretch, victims. How can you possibly defend their conduct and call yourself a Christian Feminist!? This isn’t about feminism. This is about being a marriage-wrecking, gold-digging, media craving predator. As a woman, and a feminist, the fact they are casting themselves as victims should make you sick. Shame on you.


  2. No, I haven’t been talking about Tiger’s paramours…I hardly need to, do I, when you’re so tenacious in your woman-blaming. It’s like pulling teeth to even get you to mention his name at all, as you finally did above.

    Why didn’t they say, “Sorry, I don’t go to bed with married men?”

    I dunno, why didn’t Tiger maybe NOT ASK THE QUESTION in the first place. If he hadn’t popped it to begin with, we wouldn’t be having this conversation…because there’d be no scandal to talk about.

    Is it so hard for you to hold a man responsible for his actions?

  3. Bonnie, you have got to be joking. Are you suggesting that these “hostesses” and porn stars didn’t know he was married? And that before going to bed with them, Tiger should have said “by the way, in case you didn’t notice the wedding ring, or have been living in a cave, I am a married man. So before we begin having consentual sex, and you start archiving all of my text messages and phone calls for the media, I want to be sure you are aware of these important facts.”

    Grow up and get real.

    You wrote: “you’re so tenacious in your woman-blaming”

    I never blamed the women for Tiger’s affairs. Read my post again. I castigated them for portraying themselves as victims. YOU, and you alone, inexplicably read into it that I blamed the women for Tiger’s woes…because you have some bizarre agenda of your own.


    • You know, I’ve never seen anyone so intent in misconstruing what I’m saying. I never suggested, or thought, that Tiger’s women didn’t know he was married. See paragraph #2 above.

      Does he have any idea what artful stories Tiger might’ve spun to get what he wanted, such as “Elin doesn’t understand me,” or “I get so lonely on tour?”

      As far as where I got the woman-blaming idea…yes, I’m fully aware you castigated them for portraying themselves as victims. I couldn’t have missed it, could I, since you’ve been repeating it every other sentence.

      However, you also said this.

      They should be apologizing to Tiger Woods’ wife for throwing themselves at her husband.

      You also called them predators. My dictionary defines “predator” as “one that victimizes, plunders, or destroys, especially for one’s own gain.” I suppose that meant they were the sharks, and Tiger the poow widdle defenseless fish who couldn’t say “no”?

      That sure sounds like blaming to me.

      Really, the more I think about it, the more I wonder: what the hell did he expect? Did he think it would never come out? (Actually, I already know the answer to that question, given his ego and sense of male entitlement: of course he did. See also: Eliot Spitzer, John Edwards and countless other cheating politicians.) When the story finally did break, considering our society’s obsession with celebrities and reality TV, did he really think his lovers would remain silent?

      Of course they were going to tell all, and he should have known that.

      The only way he could have avoided this whole mess was NOT STARTING IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

      It always comes back to Tiger, no matter how you try to dance around the truth.

  4. I’m not dancing around anything. OFCOURSE it always comes back to Tiger, Bonnie. OF COURSE he’s a pig. NOBODY is arguing with you about that. NOBODY.

    My only point, which is clear in my post, is that it’s ludicrous, absurd, and offensive that the “hostesses” and porn stars that he slept with believe that they deserve an apology and that, as Gloria Allred says, they are as much victims as his wife. THAT is what I was posting about, THAT is what I found reprehensible. You, inexplicably and ridiculously, read that as “women-blaming.”


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