Arizona’s Shame

I am ashamed of my home state.

I am ashamed that our non-elected governor, Jan Brewer (Janet Napolitano never would have tolerated this nonsense), signed this vile piece of legislation into law.

I am ashamed that she felt she had to do so because vetoing it would have shot down her election prospects.

I am ashamed of the Republican Party for demonizing brown people.

I am ashamed of the people who write to the newspaper sporting the hoary old cliche, “What part of illegal don’t you understand?” Obviously there’s no part of “human rights” and/or “compassion” you understand. You also have no clue about the concept of “racial profiling”–oh noes, that couldn’t happen here. Even the Brits know better than that.

I am ashamed of Jan Brewer for somehow thinking that repeating the words “Racial profiling is illegal”  and “We have to trust our law enforcement,” over and over like a mantra (or a robot), ensures that it won’t take place.

Most of all, I am ashamed that my state, with so much more to be concerned about, has come to this.


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