Get Your Kitchen Cartoons Here!

I tweeted this ridiculousness earlier, but it bugged me so much I thought I’d expand it to a full-on rant.

Shorter Michael Reagan: Rigid, Soul-Crushing Gender Roles Are Awesome!

The first paragraph of this idiocy pretty much sums it up.

We are rapidly becoming a nation whose distaff leadership is allowing radical feminists to redefine the role of motherhood.

Distaff leadership?

Are you kidding me?

Just out of curiosity, what is the actual gender makeup of Congress?

Men 82%-Women 17%.

Of course, I guess he could be talking about President Obama, insinuating that he’s secretly a woman. Surely, then, we should start scrutinizing shirtless photos of Obama, looking for mastectomy scars?

(Hmmm–looks like he still has his nipples. Maybe we should ask Michelle if he still has his penis.)

The rest of the column sinks to roughly the same level. Reagan assumes that all women want to be wives and mothers, and should be forcibly taught how to manage their future roles, no matter their own wishes. This is left up to the fathers, presumably at gunpoint. Sons only get to dry the dishes, apparently.

Honestly, this is sexist 50’s claptrap that went out of fashion a generation ago. It’s pathetic. It also perpetuates proven falsehoods about feminists–namely, that they look at mothers with “withering stares” should they dare teach their daughters to cook. (While the poor boys are left to starve, I suppose? Maybe that’s why everyone’s so into parthenogenesis lately.)

It’s appropriate that this nonsense is distributed by Cagle Cartoons. It’s a celluloid fantasy that has nothing to do with real life.


2 thoughts on “Get Your Kitchen Cartoons Here!

  1. What’s your issue? He’s right – or right within the context that one parent or another should be doing that.

    As for the Feminists – My personal anecdotal evidence backs up the post you’re lambasting. So does the evidence presented to me by many others – though painting it as the “sole position” of the feminists (lower-case L deliberate) is just wrong by way of over-simplification.

    • @jonalan, maybe there are lots of possessors of a uterus who don’t care for men whose hearts are won by half an hour of physics and engineering with edible materials; our ambitions for life are a bit bigger than that. Poor old Michael Reagan.

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