Bootstrap Bingo

Paul Krugman nails it.

Most infuriating paragraph in the entire piece:

The key to understanding the G.O.P. analysis of health reform is that the party’s leaders are not, in fact, opposed to reform because they believe it will increase the deficit. Nor are they opposed because they seriously believe that it will be “job-killing” (which it won’t be). They’re against reform because it would cover the uninsured — and that’s something they just don’t want to do.

Shorter Republicanspeak: No insurance? Too effing bad. Pull yourselves up by your bootstraps like the Founding Fathers and deal with it.

I hate this bootstrap bullshit. This myth belongs to the nineteenth frakking century, and should be stomped into the sand and its head cut off like a zombie rattlesnake. In this economy, with people working two and three part-time jobs that don’t offer insurance (that is, if they have jobs at all) there is no such thing as pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.

In this economy, the least we can do is cover the uninsured, so they don’t go bankrupt or even die because they can’t get medical care.

The cruelty and callousness of Republicans never ceases to amaze me.

(Additional Unnecessary Information: I changed this blog’s title to Red Headed Femme. Not because I’m no longer a Christian, and I’m certainly still a feminist. I just wanted this to match my Livejournal and Twitter accounts. Yeah, call me a tad obsessive, maybe.)




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