Hypocrisy for Dummies

I saw this letter in the Arizona Republic today and couldn’t help but reply to it. I don’t expect the paper to publish my reply, so I decided to post it here.

The letter:

I would like to say “Bravo” to Gov. Jan Brewer for telling New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg to keep his nose out of Arizona’s business regarding gun sales. I am proud that Arizona has lawmakers who do what is right and not what might be politically correct.

For all the folks wanting taxpayers to pay for their transplants, I don’t recall the Constitution requiring taxpayers to pay for everyone’s health care. I know the liberals will say that is cruel. But I fought for this country for people to be free, not for free stuff. – Doyle Carmody,Mesa

One could take this apart sentence by sentence, starting with the idiocy of approving of demonstrably illegal activity regarding gun sales, and the “political correctness” of trying to gut the Constitution. I concentrated on the last paragraph. Here’s what I said.

Re: “Free country, yes; free stuff, no”

Shorter Doyle Carmody: “I’ve got mine, so screw you.”

If he is indeed a veteran, as implied in his letter (“I fought for this country for people to be free”) then he is a monumental hypocrite. He is given low-cost or free health care, courtesy of the taxpayers via the Veterans Administration, yet he would deny such life-saving care to others.

He seems to forget that among the things he fought for is the obligation of a civilized society to provide for those who cannot provide for themselves.

There’s a word for that, my friends. Selfishness.

This is, of course, in reference to my state’s cutting off Medicaid coverage for transplants, and possibly condemning 96 people to death.

Mr. Carmody doesn’t say he’s a conservative, although it’s strongly implied. Regardless, this is how conservatives run. As I’ve stated before, their philosophy is morally bankrupt.




One thought on “Hypocrisy for Dummies

  1. As someone who knows him personally (unfortunately), Mr. Carmody is a conservative to the highest degree, and a hypocritical, extremist Baptist. Take from that what you will, but he is definitely as disgusting of a person as they come. And he most certainly takes advantage of what government programs he can, even though he’s a millionaire. Bravo for calling him out.

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