I Read Letters

The “Opinion” section of the Arizona Republic is just endless fodder for snark. Of course, so is the entire state, for that matter.

So what have I read today?

Heavy-duty guns ensure democracy

This title is rather ironic, seeing as Egypt just overthrew a dictator without firing a shot.

Nevertheless, let us proceed with the premise that all of us need to own AK-47s. In such a case, it seems to me that “democracy” has already lost and anarchy reigns.

Furthermore, if I am legally entitled by the Second Amendment to own toys similar to what the Army has, then let’s go for the gold. I want a tank for my driveway and an intercontinental ballistic missile, complete with nuclear warhead, for my backyard.

That’s ridiculous, you say?

Yes, it is.

So is the idea that everybody needs an AK-47.

After all, just because President Glenn Beck orders the Army to attack liberal institutions doesn’t mean the Army is going to do so. (Unless they’ve been brainwashed by Fake Noise to believe said institutions are Muslim insurrectionists.) We now know the Egyptian army refused to fire on their own people.

Would our own Army do no less?

This paranoid fantasy that thegummintisgonnagetcha seems to thrive in times like these. That doesn’t mean it’s any less ridiculous.


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