I’m a pharmacy technician, writer, feminist Christian (yes, one can be both), cat-aholic, science fiction and fantasy fanatic, child of the 80’s, horse racing fan, and stuffed animal collector. I read voraciously and am on my way to filling up my 6th bookcase. I love “Battlestar Galactica” and admit to feeling some fondness for the original version of “V”, cheesy though it was. Cheesiness also applies to my hair-metal CDs (Blackie Lawless, Duff McKagan, oh my), although I have lately been getting more into folk and Celtic music. I have no patience for Men’s Rights arseholes (but do love me some British slang). I try to blog only when I think I have something to say, not to post endless linkfests.

Comments: Jackasses and trolls are not welcome here. If you want to spew nonsense, vomit it forth on your own blog. On this page, the United States Constitution does not apply and I am a dictator. A benevolent one, but a dictator nonetheless.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Yes, I was interested in forwarding you a PDF of my forthcoming book, What’s With Paul & Women? Unlocking the Cultural Background of 1 Timothy 2, which will be available in early April. How could this be done? Thanks!

  2. hallo, Bonnie. I’ve followed you over from your old site – but perhaps i’m being dim, or perhaps it’s my browser, but i see no XML feed or any other regular linking mechanism on the site, and as we have a common interest in Christian feminism, I’d like to read your blog more regularly than i do.

    What am I missing?



  3. Hello there.

    In the address bar above my page–not on the page itself, but in your browser (I use Opera, but it should also be visible in Firefox or Explorer)–there is an orange and white box in the right corner. Click on this and you should get a dropdown box with three feeds. Pick the “Christian Feminist–Feed” and you can stay connected.

    Thanks for coming over.

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